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Q & A

A: Northside Hospital and Gwinnett Health System believe a merger of the two organizations is the best way to leverage the respective strengths of both. We believe that a combined system is the way to better prepare for the future needs of patients and their families. The new system will create mutually beneficial objectives and outcomes.

Both Northside Hospital and Gwinnett Health System have made significant investments in building comprehensive health care delivery capabilities in their respective market areas. Northside Hospital is a leader in cancer care, women’s health and specialized surgical care, while Gwinnett Health System has strengths in cardiovascular care, sports medicine and post-acute care. The service areas are adjacent to one another – ideal for focusing investment on care expansion, overall clinical capacity, and improved patient access.

The two systems share an unwavering commitment to our employees and the communities we serve. The common ground in our missions, operations and strategic legacies provides a strong footing for success.

A: We have submitted the agreement to the State of Georgia Office of the Attorney General. Depending on the review process, the five-hospital Northside-Gwinnett Health combined system could be operational in early 2018.
A: These types of developments take time and effort to ensure that all details of the merger are thoroughly and thoughtfully addressed. We believe it is important to conduct this process carefully and deliberately, because the end result should be very positive for our employees, patients and our communities.
A: System names and branding have not been determined. We will conduct due diligence and planning activities in the months ahead to carefully assess naming and branding opportunities.
A: Whenever two organizations become one organization, there is change. The good news is that this merger includes job security – all Gwinnett Health System employees and all Northside employees will continue their employment after the merger.

The new system should create many opportunities for enhanced patient care, improved patient access to health care resources, professional development and fiscal strength. Over time, the new system – with its expected growth and expansion — should create additional job opportunities. In past years, as Northside has joined with other health care providers, strong system growth has been one of the results.

A: Once operational, you will see a new major health care system serving rapidly growing areas of the Atlanta Region and North Georgia. Anchored by Northside Hospital in Sandy Springs and Gwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville, the new health system also will include hospitals in Canton, Cumming and Duluth, as well as cancer treatment centers, imaging centers, urgent care centers and other outpatient locations throughout the state. Altogether, the Northside-Gwinnett combined system will have 1,479 beds, nearly 21,000 employees and 3,500 physicians on staff.

Although we will become a bigger health care system, our goal is to become an even better health care system.

A: Northside and Gwinnett Health System share many common characteristics. We both believe in an unyielding commitment to our employees and to the communities we serve. Our workplaces are led by outstanding professionals with great passion for health care and patient service. And Northside and Gwinnett Health System are blessed with medical and administrative leadership known for accountability and success.

We also have common goals that represent critical building blocks for a combined health care system: to ensure the continued enhancement of quality care; to build a strong and aligned primary care network; to maintain strong financial performance; to innovate and improve processes; to optimize technology; and to provide an adaptive culture. Together, these goals are essential to Northside and Gwinnett Health System for ensuring the highest patient satisfaction.